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Beaches Germany

Germany has beautiful beaches. The Wadden Islands are beautiful all year round, and protected as a nature reserve. They are located in the North Sea, off the coast of Ostfriesland. The island of Helgoland, further out to sea, is popular. The resorts on the Baltic Sea still have their own character.

Border formalities Germany

For Germany you need a valid passport or a valid identity card. A visa is not required. As of June 26, 2012, all children need their own passport. An addition to the passport of a parent from that date no longer valid.

Business hours in Germany

The opening hours of banks in Germany are Monday / Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 15.30. The opening hours of shops are Monday / Friday from 9.30 to 19.00 and on Saturdays in major cities till 17:00.

Captital of Germany

The capital and largest city of Germany is Berlin.

Caravan Germany

In Germany you need a green card for your car and one for your caravan if it is heavier than 750 kg. The environmentally vignette is required if you drive a motorhome. If you want to go with car and caravan up to 100 km / h, you need a Tempo 100 exemption.

Children on holiday in Germany

Germany is known for its child-friendliness. There are many good facilities for children and traveling with children in Germany is generally good to do. In all international trains are separate sections for parents with small children. In the service stations (roadside restaurants, petrol stations etc) along the motorways are toilets with changing tables available.

Climate/ Weather in Germany

The climate is moderate in Germany, although there is considerable variation. North and Central Germany have mild summers and cool, wet winters. In the south and the mountains such as the Harz Mountains, the Black Forest and Bavaria, the summers are much warmer, winters are much colder and there is much snow.

Culinary Germany

German cake is tasty, often with lots of fresh fruits and other fresh ingredients. In general, they take with hungry stomachs and the portions are huge for our concepts to mention. Carnivores will enjoy the countless kinds of sausages and meats. In short, a country for everyone.

Culture of Germany

In Germany you can find great museums. Berlin's Museum Island is something you should not miss. This island is located in the River Spree in central Berlin. On the Museum Island (Museumsinsel) are five museums namely the Altes Museum, the New Museum, Old National Gallery, the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum. These museums house unique archaeological collections but also art from the 19th century.

Disabled in Germany

In Germany they called handicapped 'Behinderte. The German government agency responsible for assisting handicapped provides information about custom hotels. Write to Hilfe für Behinderte (Help for the disabled), Kirchfeldstrasse 149, D-40215 Düsseldorf (tel: 0211-310060). The wheelchair symbol (a wheelchair in a box) indicates that the place is accessible for the disabled. Airports and roadside restaurants have adapted toilet facilities, and at the main train stations the staff is instructed to help people in wheelchairs. 

Economy Germany

Germany possesses in technology the fourth strongest economy in the world after the U.S., China and Japan. An aging population, combined with high unemployment, complicates the enforcement of the statutory social security: the burden on working parties have become disproportionately high. The modernization and integration of the eastern German economy remains a costly long-term problem.

Etiquette in Germany

Especially older Germans attach great importance to the old German traditions and values​​. Greet each other with Guten tag and when leaving they say auf wiedersehen or Tschüss. More than Dutch Germans are very punctual. Being late is generally regarded as very rude. Call someone in Germany never by his first name if you are not invited to do so. Always use Herr or Frau.

Electricity in Germany

The voltage is 230V in Germany. Sockets have round holes and can be grounded or ungrounded.

Fauna Germany

The fauna of Germany resembles that of the Netherlands and Belgium at least in the north and west. The vast forests provide shelter to deer, wild boar and numerous wild cats, largely due to a good hunting management. The fox, the badger, the marten and the otter are found in suitable habitats. On the North Sea are seals living and on the Baltic coast stinkrobs. The porpoise and bottlenose dolphin are quite ordinary appearances in the coastal regions of Germany.

Fishing in Germany

In Germany you need a fishing license for a particular fishing area. This authorization and additional information can be obtained from the local tourist office.

Flora Germany

The German flora belongs to two geographical provinces of the Euro-Siberian region: in the far north to the Atlantic province and in the rest of Germany to the Central European province. The alpine vegetation of the mountains forms a separate sector. The natural vegetation consists mainly of forest, with the exception of a salty strip along the coast.

General travelinformation Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) is a country in Central Europe, bordered to the north by the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and Denmark, to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, to the south by Austria and Switzerland and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Geography of Germany

A large part of the geographical border of Germany in the north is formed by the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic, with numerous islands. In the south, the Alps form the natural border. The majority of the country consists of the German low mountains. The major rivers Rhine, Elbe and Weser follow the downward trend of the Alps and Alpine foothills in the south to the northern lowlands. In addition to the capital Berlin and culture historically important cities like Aachen, Dresden, Munich, Weimar and Worms are especially recommended the resort areas in the Harz Mountains, along the Moselle, in the Teutoburg Forest, in the Mecklenburg Lake District and in the Black Forest. On the coast are numerous beach resorts.

Government Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany has 16 states. Germany is a member of the European Union and the euro zone, the UN, NATO and the G8. The form of government is a parliamentary republic.

Healthcare in Germany

Health care in Germany is at a high level. Doctors generally keep office hours from 9:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 18:00. Pharmacies are open Monday / Friday to 18:00 and on Saturdays until 12:00. Tap water is safe in Germany.

Inhabitants of Germany

Germany has 81.305.856 (2012) inhabitants.

Internet in Germany

Broadband Internet is widely available in Germany. Many hotels, restaurants and bars offer free internet (often wireless) for their guests. All airports offer wireless internet access.

Language Germany

In Germany they speak German, but with English you can also manage perfectly. Besides the Standard German, also called Hochdeutsch, there are dialects.

Money in Germany

In Germany they use the euro. Germany has plenty of ATMs (Geldautomat, Bankautomat). Creditcards are accepted in almost all hotels, restaurants, shops and petrol stations.

National anthem of Germany

Das Lied der Deutschen (The Song of the Germans) is the national anthem of Germany since 1922. It is also often called Deutschland Lied.

National Day in Germany

On 3 October, the National Day is celebrated in Germany: Day of German Unity.

Parking in Germany

You may park your vehicle in Germany only on the right side of the road (in the direction of travel). In a one-way street with traffic, you may also park on the left (facing the rear). The German parking signs are almost identical with the Dutch, with the exception of the German road that allows parking on the sidewalk. Zigzag Lines on the roadway indicate an area where it is forbidden to stop or to park.

Pets on holiday in Germany

Every dog that crosses borders needs an European passport and identification by means of a chip. On 2 July 2011, the tattoo is no longer allowed to travel within the EU, and the chip is therefore required. Additionally, your dog must be vaccinated against rabies.

Public Transport in Germany

Public transport in Germany is organized by bus and in some cities by tram services. In the regional traffic around cities is often the fast track - S-Bahn - for a railway connection. In some cities, a metro network - U-Bahn - is available. And in a small number of cities, public transport is partly organized by cable cars. All timetables for public transport are on the Internet to consult.

Post in Germany

Stamps (Briefmarken) in Germany are available at post offices, hotels and stamp machines.

Religion in Germany

Approximately 30% of the German population is a member of the Evangelical Church in Germany. This alliance of churches is mainly Lutheran and partially reformed. About as many people are Roman Catholic. Furthermore, there are about 2 percent Orthodox Christians and there are small minorities of Jews and Muslims. More than half of the population in the area that was formerly East Germany and in the northern Bundesland Hamburg does not have a religion.

Safety in Germany

The national emergency number in Germany is 112.

Smoking in Germany

Smoking is not allowed in Germany in public transport. Cafes, restaurants, the rules may differ per Bundesland but smoking is usually prohibited. Sometimes smoking is allowed in separate smoking areas.

Taxis in Germany

Taxis in Germany are usually yellow and the brand is usually a Mercedes. The German taxi fares, a basic rate and the cost per kilometer, are locally different. Sometimes surcharges for luggage transportation and dogs are counted. Taxi meters are required in Germany. Especially in the big cities there are plenty of taxis. You can make a call or hold a taxi.

Telephony in Germany

The country code of Germany is +49. There is a 3G network..

Tipping in Germany

In Germany the service charge is included in the hotel or restaurant bill. It is customary to rounding up the bill or leave the small change. For an excellent service you can give a tip of 3-5 %.

Traffic in Germany

The use of radar detection devices are banned in Germany. Children younger than 13 years and less than 1.50 m shall sit with safety belts in an approved child seat or on a booster seat.


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